Checks and Balances

In our society we face many challenges. How do we keep it all together? How

do we master our emotions as well as take particular care to make sure our loved

ones stay physically and mentally fit? What are the systems of support if

any that we turn to? Who do we call? What do we do? These questions deserve to

be answered as well as enhanced in our day to day living. It is not just enough to tell someone of 

issues that we face, as these issues need a solution. A response to keep our mental thoughts

in shape.  Who or what can help us?


Prayer is the way we (believers) communicate with God. It is through this avenue

of communication that we are guided to find answers to our issues. From a personal 

perspective, prayer is my go to. It helps me to remain calm as I am talking as well

as unloading whatever it is I need to let go of. I am trading my emtional state of mind

for a mindset of calm and peace. Of course, prayer is what I call a spiritual connection.

Natural Resources

There are also natural resources that can keep us balanced when we face life crisis. Journaling is 

is a tool that we can use to also relieve ourselves of the emotional baggage that we face

on a daily basis. Writing about our issues relieves stress as well as gives us open

insight to solutions. Journaling allows us to tell our story. Telling our story has the power

to help heal us as well as give someone else hope and a sense of relief. Journaling also helps 

us to keep track of the progress of where we once were mentally and where we actually are now

in the process. Journaling can allow us to grow and develop positive solutions that balance out

stressors in life. Nature is also a natural resource to combat stressors in life. Taking a walk

and viewing a beautiful garden full of flowers, or a lake with ducks or geese swimming can

bring a sense of calm as well as a connection to nature. Smelling the scent from the flowers

or a beautiful landscape can bring joy to your day. Hopefully, when stress arrives, you will

take the time to make a positive decision and alleviate stress through one of these simple

yet effective methods that will help you keep a healthy mental state of mind.

Thanks for reading

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