Wednesday, August 31, 2022



Hello, my name is Kim Kilcrease and welcome to my blog Sorting Out Life!

Sorting Out Life is a blog I started when I opened my wash and fold home 

based business. In this blog I share my journey in the wash and fold business

as well as my own personal story of how I started a home based wash and fold 

business. As we know COVID 19 has challenged the way business is conducted.

There have been so many changes along with so many new laws and rules. that 

doing business means bringing  creativity and excitement in order to stay in the 

game. During the pandemic I was out of work for almost a year. I was able to

recieve unemployment benefits, however, I wanted to get back to work. It was 

certainly easier to think about going back to work than actually getting hired 

to go back to work!  I decided to see what was trending, so I started watching

Youtube. There were so many videos on starting a home based business that

I began to watch some of them to see if there was something I could do on my

own that would generate a decent amount of income. Watching the Youtube

videos gave me the reasons why to start a home based business, however, I did

not find a business that I was interested in starting: so I decided to research

on the interenet about different businesses you could work from home and 

what they required and wow I found a home based wash and fold service.

This business did not require much of a srart up as well as it was a service

that I did not mind doing.  I researched the laundry business and collected

as much information as I could. I studied the data I collected and began

to look up steps for opening a wash and fold home based business in my

state. The rest is history. The name of my wash and fold service is Services

                            for You Wash and Fold LLC.

                               It has not been peaches and cream all the time, however, it has been a
                             learning journey full of development and growth in
                           my business as well as how I run my business. If you are reading this and you
                           have always wanted to start your own business, you are in the right place. I don't
                           know everything there is to know as I am always in a learning phase, however, 
                           I am willing to learn and share my experiences to help someone else achieve their
                          goals of being successful




Friday, August 26, 2022


Checks and Balances

In our society we face many challenges. How do we keep it all together? How

do we master our emotions as well as take particular care to make sure our loved

ones stay physically and mentally fit? What are the systems of support if

any that we turn to? Who do we call? What do we do? These questions deserve to

be answered as well as enhanced in our day to day living. It is not just enough to tell someone of 

issues that we face, as these issues need a solution. A response to keep our mental thoughts

in shape.  Who or what can help us?


Prayer is the way we (believers) communicate with God. It is through this avenue

of communication that we are guided to find answers to our issues. From a personal 

perspective, prayer is my go to. It helps me to remain calm as I am talking as well

as unloading whatever it is I need to let go of. I am trading my emtional state of mind

for a mindset of calm and peace. Of course, prayer is what I call a spiritual connection.

Natural Resources

There are also natural resources that can keep us balanced when we face life crisis. Journaling is 

is a tool that we can use to also relieve ourselves of the emotional baggage that we face

on a daily basis. Writing about our issues relieves stress as well as gives us open

insight to solutions. Journaling allows us to tell our story. Telling our story has the power

to help heal us as well as give someone else hope and a sense of relief. Journaling also helps 

us to keep track of the progress of where we once were mentally and where we actually are now

in the process. Journaling can allow us to grow and develop positive solutions that balance out

stressors in life. Nature is also a natural resource to combat stressors in life. Taking a walk

and viewing a beautiful garden full of flowers, or a lake with ducks or geese swimming can

bring a sense of calm as well as a connection to nature. Smelling the scent from the flowers

or a beautiful landscape can bring joy to your day. Hopefully, when stress arrives, you will

take the time to make a positive decision and alleviate stress through one of these simple

yet effective methods that will help you keep a healthy mental state of mind.

Thanks for reading

Positive Affirmations Two Year Planner

30 Day Prayer Journal

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Experiencing Change


      Change is a very important element of growth and development. Overall, when change occurs

 it is not a great feeling. Change can actually disrupt your life. It is so important to find balance 

     when change occurs. Finding balance can be the focal point of the success in mastering a change

     experience. I have  experienced many levels of change in my life. Some great, and some not so

     great, however, the main point of change that I have learned is to have a positive attitude while

    in the change process. I have found this to be very influential in my journey of life. Why? It is 

    important as you are not so much being overcome with the level of change, rather you are 

    preparing yourself to handle the change. The very idea of developing a positive attitude while

   change is occuring will produce more resolutions, a belief in yourself, as well as a brighter

   outlook on life. Yes,  I know that change can be devastating! Focusing on the devastation will 

  only produce more change. Im not saying that you can't react to your change. I am saying that

  in your reaction, don't stay stuck. Surround yourself with positive people. Listen to positive people.

  Believe that you can achieve your goals. Journal your experience and reflect on the changes you are

  creating. Never give up! As you experience change, it is my prayer that you will embrace it, that you

 will rise above it and prosper in health, wealth, and in spirit.



Thursday, September 9, 2021

What's Your Passion?


Hello, my name is Kim and I would like to know what is your passion? What is it that gives you complete 

joy? What is it that make you feel a sense of accomplishment? What makes you feel as though you were 

born to do this? Why am I asking you this?  I am asking you this question as many of us go through life 

doing things we don't enjoy. We fulfill the needs of others and all too many times realize there was no 

purpose or satisfaction that helped us meet the goals and requirements we set for ourselves.  It is very

important to do the things in life that bring joy. It brings confidence as well as helps others achieve their

goals in life. I believe that the passion to create is the answer that someone else needs in life. The passion 

that lies inside of you dormant is waiting to lend someone a helping hand. It is the same driving force that 

can facilitate a new career, a new business, a mentorship or a solution to a problem that needs solving. 

What are you waiting for? There will never be a perfect time to do what you are passionate about! You 

have already spent a lifetime of waiting and wandering. Now is the time to put your passion into action!

There are so many resources that can help you get started. Research your passion and begin the necessary

steps to get started. Someone needs you to be absolutely you! Someone needs your passion. Won't you 

answer the call. I believe that you will feel better and that your passion can lead you to ideas and places 

that you have not thought of or even dreamed of. No excuses? It's time to get passionate! It's time to 

make it happen. You see worrying will not ever change your position in life, it will only make you feel 

more stressed. Don't worry! Just do! Coming to a place near you passions in the making!

  08/31/2022 Hello, my name is Kim Kilcrease and welcome to my blog Sorting Out Life! Sorting Out Life is a blog I started when I opened my ...