Experiencing Change


      Change is a very important element of growth and development. Overall, when change occurs

 it is not a great feeling. Change can actually disrupt your life. It is so important to find balance 

     when change occurs. Finding balance can be the focal point of the success in mastering a change

     experience. I have  experienced many levels of change in my life. Some great, and some not so

     great, however, the main point of change that I have learned is to have a positive attitude while

    in the change process. I have found this to be very influential in my journey of life. Why? It is 

    important as you are not so much being overcome with the level of change, rather you are 

    preparing yourself to handle the change. The very idea of developing a positive attitude while

   change is occuring will produce more resolutions, a belief in yourself, as well as a brighter

   outlook on life. Yes,  I know that change can be devastating! Focusing on the devastation will 

  only produce more change. Im not saying that you can't react to your change. I am saying that

  in your reaction, don't stay stuck. Surround yourself with positive people. Listen to positive people.

  Believe that you can achieve your goals. Journal your experience and reflect on the changes you are

  creating. Never give up! As you experience change, it is my prayer that you will embrace it, that you

 will rise above it and prosper in health, wealth, and in spirit.